Jun 282014
August 9:  Save the date!

August 9:   Save the Date! We want you to come celebrate our community’s many accomplishments over the last year. In 2013 you joined with us for the mural kickoff. Come see the stunning result! More than 200 local and international artists contributed to complete this beautiful display of Woodburn’s history. The celebration will be [read more]

Jun 282014
We graduated:  What’s next?

Remember High School? How the last week of the school year was the most anticipated?  How you didn’t have to worry about doing homework? How you were excited about what the next year would bring and the wonder of what life after high school would be like? What jobs you would need to get? Or [read more]

May 192014
Following the lead...

From the desk of Rosi – One of my favorite attributes of CAPACES Leadership Institute is its inclusivity. Regardless of skill, skin color, nationality, opinion, or your past or present, you are eagerly welcomed as a part of our community. This acceptance of diversity is reflected in our visitors, volunteers, program participants, Brigada work days, [read more]

Apr 152014
She did it!

We’d like to share a success story with you:  that of community leader Brenda Mendoza, the Director of PCUN’s Service Center. Leadership Transitions, one of CAPACES Leadership Institute’s flagship programs, finished its first year in January.  The cohort included leaders from CAPACES’ nine sister organizations and included Brenda Mendoza. In the program participants establish their leadership goals, [read more]

Mar 112014
Granting a Community's Wish

How does the future of a social justice group radically change in only a day? On February 19, Meyer Memorial Trust awarded CAPACES Leadership Institute a three year grant to evaluate and strengthen our core programs, identify and create programs that will benefit the entire community we serve, and hire Evaluation Project Assistant Jorge Martinez. We are [read more]