Feb 232015
People or Money?  Decided!

Last month, we told you we needed $8,800 to complete our $20,000 matching grant.  And during the month of December, you stepped up to the challenge and contributed $9,703 to CAPACES Leadership Institute. While we’re very excited that in the last few days of December your donations surpassed our $20,000 matching grant, there’s something we’re even more excited [read more]

  •  February 23, 2015
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Dec 232014
Winter brings great changes

Saludos from CAPACES Leadership Institute!    The TURNO youth program you’ve supported for the last three years is still going strong. TURNO is all about leadership, identity, and higher education. We’re excited to tell you that we are now offering assistance to high school students to transition into local trade apprenticeships after graduation.   The TURNO [read more]

  •  December 23, 2014
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Nov 202014
New: RE-TURNO and Staff Member José

Greetings from CAPACES Leadership Institute! The weather is crisp and sunny,  and we’re excited to tell you the big news: – We welcome José García, RE-TURNO Program Coordinator – TURNO becomes RE-TURNO:  Trades are encouraged! – Students marched for justice, catch Senator’s attention – Special thanks:  Honoring Monica Smith Meet José García, our newest team member.  José is [read more]

  •  November 20, 2014
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Oct 202014
Touching Lives -

Greetings from CAPACES Leadership Institute! Although Oregon’s weather is gently easing into fall, its political climate has been tumultuous for some time. Throughout this season, CAPACES Leadership Institute has remained a strong shelter for the communities we serve in the Willamette Valley. We continue to guide community leaders of our sister organizations so they might [read more]

  •  October 20, 2014
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Sep 162014
Grateful for YOU

Friends,  Hot summer days are waning, and we at CAPACES are excitedly channeling the momentum from our anniversary celebration into our fall programs. You may have noticed a recent Facebook trend – and it’s not the Ice Bucket Challenge!  Friends are challenging one another to write about what they are grateful for each day for [read more]

  •  September 16, 2014
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Jun 282014
August 9:  Save the date!

August 9:   Save the Date! Our third anniversary celebration is quickly arriving!  We are proud to accomplish so much in the prior year, and we want to celebrate these milestones with you. This last year marked significant leadership growth in staff from our sister organizations, TURNO high school students, and community members who have [read more]

  •  June 28, 2014
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Jun 282014
We graduated:  What’s next?

Remember High School? How the last week of the school year was the most anticipated?  How you didn’t have to worry about doing homework? How you were excited about what the next year would bring and the wonder of what life after high school would be like? What jobs you would need to get? Or [read more]

  •  June 28, 2014
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May 192014
Following the lead...

From the desk of Rosi – One of my favorite attributes of CAPACES Leadership Institute is its inclusivity. Regardless of skill, skin color, nationality, opinion, or your past or present, you are eagerly welcomed as a part of our community. This acceptance of diversity is reflected in our visitors, volunteers, program participants, Brigada work days, [read more]

  •  May 19, 2014
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Apr 152014
She did it!

We’d like to share a success story with you:  that of community leader Brenda Mendoza, the Director of PCUN’s Service Center. Leadership Transitions, one of CAPACES Leadership Institute’s flagship programs, finished its first year in January.  The cohort included leaders from CAPACES’ nine sister organizations and included Brenda Mendoza. In the program participants establish their leadership goals, [read more]

  •  April 15, 2014
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Mar 112014
Granting a Community's Wish

How does the future of a social justice group radically change in only a day? On February 19, Meyer Memorial Trust awarded CAPACES Leadership Institute a three year grant to evaluate and strengthen our core programs, identify and create programs that will benefit the entire community we serve, and hire Evaluation Project Assistant Jorge Martinez. We are [read more]

  •  March 11, 2014
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Mar 032014
Gratitude and a TV Interview

We hope you are enjoying springtime; it is exciting to watch flowers unfold in Woodburn! What’s in this email: – A huge THANK YOU to you! – A video news report by UNIVISION interviewing several who crafted the CAPACES mural. Thanks to your generosity, our winter appeal featuring Zesar and the TURNO youth program was a tremendous [read more]

  •  March 3, 2014
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Dec 172013

Dear Friends of CAPACES Leadership Institute, Your support of the Institute has made more than the murals on our walls shine; local youth are radiantly blossoming. 2013 marked the turning point toward success in the lives of many high school students participating in CAPACES Leadership Institute’s TURNO youth program.  TURNO equips students for graduation and higher [read more]

Dec 112013
Strengthening Our Team - Including You!

From the Directora’s desk – CAPACES Leadership Institute is proud to welcome our newest team member, Rosi Barker. Rosi is a native of Salem, Oregon, and has spent more than a year living abroad in México.  Her passions include salsa dancing, enjoying the outdoors, and volunteering and fundraising for communities in need. She is the new Director [read more]

  •  December 11, 2013
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Sep 242013
Youth Shine at Mural Unveiling

This past Saturday, over 75 supporters gathered to unveil the CLI’s mural. As has become a custom in our events, youth lead the activities. One of those youth was Jessica Gonzales who shared a testimony about her experience painting the mural.Here is what Jessica (14) had to say: “About a year ago, I went to [read more]

Aug 302013
What's the highlight of your summer?

    This summer I had the pleasure to spend an hour with Maria and Antonio about three days a week while I drove them from Salem to Woodburn so they could have the opportunity to paint a mural that tells their story. It’s been the highlight of my summer. Antonio (15) and Maria (16) [read more]

  •  August 30, 2013
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Jul 082013
Have you seen it?

That’s the word on the street as the CAPACES Leadership Institute’s mural begins to take form. On July 13th, the CLI kicked off the painting of its mural and celebrated its second birthday. The event drew fifty plus members from the community, many of whom were involved since the beginning of this project, nearly two [read more]

  •  July 8, 2013
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Jul 012013
It's Unanimous!

“Is the mural accessible to the public?” “Can you guarantee the mural will last a long time?” “Is there a central theme to the mural?” These were just a few of several questions the five Woodburn Public Art Mural committee members were inquiring from their very first applicant—The CAPACES Leadership Institute. Last Wednesday, the Woodburn [read more]

Jun 172013
Help Us Paint History: CLI Mural Project

Imagine a warm sunny morning in Woodburn, Oregon where farmworker youth, community leaders, and community elders are assembling together around muralist Juanishi Orosco, a renowned Chicano muralist. Equipped with paint brushes, buckets of paint, rows of ladders, and their imagination, community members with the direction of Juanishi begin taking the first strokes of paint on [read more]

Jun 062013
More Than A Painting On The Wall

Back in the fall of 2011, leaders of the CAPACES Leadership Institute met with Woodburn city council officials for approval to paint a mural on the exterior of their building. Reluctance from the city to pass an ordinance allowing for publicly displayed murals led to a campaign that has since been known as the CLI [read more]

May 022013
Formal Education Meets Popular Education: A Test Drive for CAPACES 101

Ever entered a lecture hall anticipating dialogue, a sharing of ideas, values and experience only to receive… well, a lecture? This form of education is common in many universities across the  country, which explains why this past April many OSU students were in for a surprise as they arrived in Woodburn to participate (or take [read more]

Feb 242013
Our Claim to Fame

What started out as a vision by CAPACES network leaders to build a leadership institute in sustainable practices to mirror its principle in building long-term sustainable leadership, has finally received national recognition. The CAPACES Leadership Institute has received Passive House construction certification. According to PHUIS (Passive House Institute U.S), the authority on Passive House construction [read more]

  •  February 24, 2013
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Apr 132015
A Report from CLI's Director of National Initiatives, Larry Kleinman

As you read that title, I know you might be thinking…“Didn’t Larry retire?”  Or…“the CLI has a Director of National Initiatives?”Both good questions.  The answers are “No” and “Yes!”Let me explain and share some of what I’ve been doing of late.By the time I stepped down as PCUN Secretary-Treasurer in October 2013—part of our movement’s generational leadership shift—I was already [read more]

  •  April 13, 2015
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