Capaces Protocols regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

CAPACES Leadership Institute is committed to the health, safety, and well-being of our guests, staff  and our sister organizations. Our offices will be temporarily closed, and all upcoming Capaces events and programs will be cancelled or postponed until further notice. We are absolutely committed to operating a safe and well-maintained environment, and we will continue to watch for new information and guidance from public health authorities and adjust our approach as needed. We will continue to monitor developments through the Centers for Disease Control and Oregon Health Authority. We appreciate your patience and understading during these times, THANK YOU !

Alianza Poder

For 17 years, Alianza Poder has brought together 9 organizations that serve communities across Oregon by serving, organizing, and building the leadership of the Latina/o/x communities to improve the quality of life for all, particularly working families. Now, the COVID-19 crisis is disproportionately threatening those communities.

Alianza Poder is in a unique position to ensure these families can continue to access the essential products and services they need to weather this crisis. Already, we are seeing our leaders respond with bold and concrete action and they need your support, see what they are doing in response to COVID-19 and donate to their organization below :

The OWRF is a rapid community-based system that would provide financial relief to Oregonians that cannot access public benefits. Many Oregonian immigrants fall under classifications that make them ineligible for unemployment insurance (UI). For instance, many Oregonians operate as independent contractors or are ineligible for public benefits due to their immigration classification. The Oregon Worker Relief Fund would provide temporary financial support for those that are falling through the cracks during our current pandemic.

Since 1985, PCUN has advocated for Oregon farmworkers and working Latinx families, working tirelessly to empower these communities to understand and take action against systematic exploitation and its harmful effects.

  • Oregon’s farmworker movement is raising $100,000 for former and current undocumented farmworkers affected by COVID-19. Our goal is to serve 100 undocumented farmworker families with one-time economic relief from our organizations. With these funds we can support essential workers during this pandemic, while continuing to advocate for the rights of all workers!

  • To donate to PCUN’s efforts click here – PCUN’s  COVID-19  FARMWORKER EMERGENCY FUND

Mano a Mano (Hand in Hand) is a Salem based organization originally established in the summer of 1988 in response to the emergency needs of migrant farm workers and their families, as a result of acute crop failures and an over-supply of workers. Our mission is to provide opportunities for our clients to gain knowledge and skills for self-sufficiency; and to increase access to education and health care. We see ourselves not as service providers, but as being in service to the community. Our vision is for our region to be a community of justice where families are strong, safe, and nurturing, and where children thrive.

  • In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Mano a Mano continues to operate its two emergency food banks in East Salem. They also host a school meal grab-and-go site, five days a week, in partnership with Salem-Keizer Public Schools and FHDC. They also help families navigate resources during this crisis, remotely and through a weekly radio show on Radio Poder.
  • To donate to Mano a Mano’s Efforts – Cash donations are preferred, as they allow us to be flexible in responding to the needs of the families we serve (such as to purchasing personal hygiene items to distribute) as well as contributing to the Oregon Worker Relief Fund (OWRF) to provide direct financial assistance to families experiencing a loss of income.

CHECKS MAY BE MAILED TO:  Mano a Mano,  2921 Saddle Club St SE,  #1009, Salem, OR  97317

Founded in 1996 and based in Salem, LUS develops Latino youth leadership. LUS has conducted numerous campaigns to counter discrimination especially by law enforcement and school officials. LUS has led the campaigns in Oregon to prevent minimum wage rollbacks aimed at youth, and to enact legalization and in-state tuition for undocumented high school graduates.

  • LUS is currently supporting our base through peer support, resource navigation and small cash relief funds to cover costs due to economic emergencies caused by COVID-19. Additionally, we are organizing locally, statewide and nationwide for the following efforts by pushing our elected leaders and public agencies. 
    • Release of all people in ICE Detention facilities
    • Release of non-violent convicted people in prisons and political prisoners 
    • Healthcare for all 
    • Release of all youth in Juvenile Detention Centers 
    • Mental health support for youth and families 
    • Release of all non-violent convicted people in jails 
    • Rent and mortgage forgiveness 
    • State-wide housing access 
    • Free Healthcare access and testing and treatment of COVID-19, regardless of immigration status 
    • Food assistance for all 
    • Free access to technology for low income families – mandated by government 
    Local Salem: 
    • Lift of sit-lie ban in downtown Salem 
    • Access to social distancing safe housing for unsheltered folks 
    • Release of youth in juvenile detention centers 
    • Safe housing access and placement for houseless youth, youth in foster care
    • Access to mental health for youth 
  • To donate to LUS’s efforts click here – LUS DONATE PAGE

Based in Woodburn, FHDC builds and manages farmworker housing with farmworker participation. Founded in 1990 by PCUN, Oregon Legal Services and Salud Medical Clinic.  In 1992 FHDC started the development of our first housing project, Nuevo Amanecer, Phase I, amid fierce opposition from some community leaders who preferred to see farmworkers segregated in remote labor camps. Governor Barbara Roberts was instrumental in overcoming this opposition and making this project happen and has continued to support FHDC’s efforts. We opened the doors of Nuevo Amanecer to 50 families in 1994.

25 years later, with the addition of our latest development Colonia Jardines in Silverton, we now provide housing to nearly 1,300 individuals in six cities (Woodburn, Salem, Stayton, Silverton, Sublimity and Independence, Oregon). We are currently in the process of building Colonia Unidad in Woodburn, a workforce housing project, to support a changing community to increase career mobility and opportunities for advancement for farmworkers and other low-income individuals and families.

  • FHDC is currenlty raising funds to support our residents with resources such as rental assistance, food distribution, and health and educational support during COVID-19
  • To donate to FHDC’s efforts click here – FHDC DONATE PAGE

The CAPACES Leadership Institute was founded to prepare leaders with the political consciousness and skills needed to lead and support social justice work. We envision a Latina/o community with equitable leadership representation in all sectors that is working to address social disparities. Our guiding values are commitment, courage, humility, equity and justice, sacrifice, and sustainability.

  • Funding to help Capaces continue to serve as the Mid-Valley Latina/o/x convening, resource connection/navigation, and advocacy hub for the Alianza Poder (AP) collaborative composed of nine sister organizations and close allies
  • Funding to build and implement the Mid-Valley Spanish/Indigenous Language Resources Infrastructure in order to ensure our communities have access to information/resources in their language
  • Funding to implement wellness strategies to support our community leaders/advocates/organizers in this moment and beyond
  • To donate to Carapaces’s efforts click here – CLI DONATE PAGE

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