TURNO creates a path for high school aged Latinx youth to embrace and prepare for long term movement leadership through self-discovery and development, community based service, and access to furthered education.

Our pillars are comprised of what we aspire to cultivate in our students. To create a culture around care of the whole person, we strive to develop the internal, external, and progressive strengths of tomorrow’s leaders.

Self-Discovery & Development:

It should be said that people “be” leaders rather than become leaders. Leadership is not a stagnant process; we cannot confer leadership like a degree upon completion of some program. TURNO recognizes this truth and seeks to help tomorrow’s leaders find their leadership style and develop their skills, which they’ll continue to hone their entire lives.

Community- Based Service:

“Regresando a Nuestros Orígenes.” In honor of the area that cultivates the TURNO youth, we encourage youth to return to their roots and give back. Community service based within serves to build up relationships between tomorrow’s leaders and our precious community. We encourage youth to be grounded in, with, and for that which nourished them. Their leadership path is not a solitary one, but a road walked together with those who came before, and those who will walk the path after.

Academic Success:

Education can be a lifelong goal, and this is most certainly a  worthy pursuit. However, education is a journey with many paths; our youth should be confident in the knowledge that it can be sought in many places. We encourage and assist our youth in seeking higher education, trade knowledge, and lifelong curiosity. Social justice does not just need or serve the academic community,but calls on all to be scholars of deeper truths and act against pervasive lies. These scholars can come from any walk of life.